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How to change windows 10 icons My Computer or Recycle Bin and windows explorer icon 0 0

Make sure you download your favorite Icon from web with .ico format, some icons comes with a package in compressed format and  .icl, .dll, and .exe

To change Desktop icons in windows 10 Operating System

  • Open download file and check the Icon’s, once you are happy with the set of icons
  • Right-click the windows 10 desktop and select the Personalize
  • Click on “Change desktop icons” and you should see all icons that can be configured to show up on your desktop
  • Select it in the Desktop Icon Settings
  • Click on Change Icon and browse the download Icon folder and select the one you like
  • Click OK
  • And Apply

Now you will see the new Icons on your windows 10 desktop

Let’s say you want to change the Recycle Bin icon, then select the Recycle Bin and Click on Change Icon

To change the windows explorer icons in windows 10

  • Open File Explorer/windows explorer
  • Right-click the folder  which you want to replace the icon
  • Click on Properties and select Customize tab
  • Click the Change icon option at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the new icon from download Icon folder

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone